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Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. I believe in finding the positive side of fitness, Empowering both the mind and the body.

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About Me

I am a certified functional strength coach, former competitive bodybuilder, and athlete. I have helped over 500 clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. I believe in taking the most direct course of action to make your goals a reality.

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few years ago I was dealing with some health issues and needed to workout regularly. I was never a gym-type person and struggled to get to the closest gym- I was even paying for a planet fitness membership and NEVER went! I quickly understood that the only way I would actually workout was to get a personal trainer. A trainer that could guide me, teach me and keep me accountable. That’s when I met Brendan! To just say that Brendan is fantastic would be an understatement! He understood exactly what I needed from day 1 and made me feel so comfortable. He helped me push myself in ways that I did not believe I could. I saw results really quickly and this made me truly love/ appreciate working out!

Brendan has his own studio so this gives his client the intimacy they need to focus on the workout while jamming hard to whatever type of music they like! I truly cannot stretch enough how great my experience was with Brendan. I would 100% recommend ! Brendan is the answer to your dream body goal!

Sebastian V

UPDATE 11/20:
I happened to scroll through Instagram, and saw a personal training video posted by Abby Wambach, an OLYMPIC gold medalist. I realized that Brendan was having me do similar exercises--and the only reason he modified some of them was to improve functionality. This was super cool to see! While I'm definitely not trying to become an Olympic athlete, there are certain fundamentals we ALL have to practice. Brendan uses these exercises to help his clients unlock their abilities, because he sees their potential. Again, don't waste your time or money with other trainers.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Brendan is super knowledgeable! It can definitely be intimidating to work with a trainer, but Brendan meets his clients where they're at. He's deeply invested in his clients, and he tailors his instruction/motivation to your learning style. Brendan's eye for detail can spot opportunities to challenge you yet also recognize when you've hit your limit. He's the best, and you're wasting your time with any other trainer.

Chelsea B

Brendan Kelley is a superb personal trainer. I have been seeing Brendan for the past several months and my results have been absolutely dramatic! I have dropped inches (all over) and feel great about myself and my body. He is patient, highly knowledgeable, and tailors the workouts specific to your individual needs. I strongly recommend Brendan to anyone looking for an experienced personal will be thrilled! Donna M., Cambridge MA

Donna M

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh

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