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4 Week Training Program 



Thank you for purchasing the 2 days a week - one month training program! Your fitness journey begins today! This program is designed to help busy people at all fitness levels take their training to the next stage. Naturally, the smarter & harder you train, the better results you will see. Before you begin make sure to go over the checklist below. 



Pre- Training Checklist 

For your safety and to aid in your success please make sure you cover all of the bullet points. 

● You are not on any medications that might interfere with your training. 

● You do not have any underlying health conditions that may interfere with your training. 

● You are not currently injured. 

● You understand that when training, though small, there is always a risk of injury. 

● You will workout at a smart pace and not push yourself beyond your own level. Do not work through pain. 

● Remember to replenish yourself with healthy meals and plenty of water. 

● All demonstrations of exercises can be found on google. So get started and have fun!

Online 4 Week Full Body Workout EBOOK

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • The duplication or redistribution of this product is forbidden. By purchasing you are hereby acknowledging said terms. refunds may be availible upon review.

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